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Sofie Piepers

Sarne De Vliegher


Sofie Piepers graduated as a vet in 2005 and since that time she has been a member of M-team UGent. She is passionate about mastitis and milk quality. As a veterinarian and researcher, Sofie uses her expertise to coach and train vets in mastitis management and encourages them to become the best udder health experts they can be. She loves networking, collecting new information at scientific conferences, and later turning that knowledge into practice. She also enjoys to inspire her veterinary students, showing them how to successfully utilize their talents as udder health advisors. Finally, she loves the reward of transferring data into evidence and evidence into action.


Favorite quotes: "Energy and persistence conquer all things" and "Slow and steady wins the race"


Personal values: Integrity, enthusiasm, passion, action, sense of duty.

Sarne De Vliegher graduated as a vet in 1998 from Ghent University and became a world-renowned mastitis and milk quality research expert with special expertise in the epidemiology of heifer mastitis and coagulase-negative staphylococci. He is passionate about udder health and milk quality as   well as about the veterinary profession. In everything he does, Sarne is both proactive and    passionate. When working with students of veterinary medicine, he encourages them to be proactive and creative in their work. He motivates them to have a clear mission and vision for the modern practice they hope to set up. It’s not just his students he seeks to motivate, though. His passion extends beyond the university to his veterinary colleagues who he tries to inspire to make the shift from curative to preventative medicine, from being a skilled practitioner to a respected herd health advisor.


Favorite quotes: “Be creative not reactive.” and “The way to succeed is to be courageous and patient, and to work energetically.”


Personal valuesreliability, drive, passion and professionalism.