The missing link for an easy, successful and sustainable mastitis management

Keno™-M, your virtual assistant for easy and successful mastitis management on any dairy farm


 Data storing 

All available mastitis data of your client's dairy farm on one spot from somatic cell count data over bacteriological culture results and clinical mastitis records to information related to the mastitis management on the farm. 



Evaluate and compare the performances of your dairy producers or even with those of other consultants within your country or within your continent in an objective way. 


No more time and energy wasting by racking your brains over the most optimal decision for cows with an elevated somatic cell count. Keno™-M generates a scientific-sound guideline for each individual cow with an elevated somatic cell count in a few seconds. 


No more time wasting by calculating and analyzing the mastitis key parameters. Your virtual assistant Keno™-M does it for you, over and over again, each time taking into account the same assumptions. This is the only way that results can be precisely compared. 



Get insight at a glance in the weaknesses and strengths of the mastitis management of any dairy farm based on facts and data. Keno™-M allows you to straightforwardly and objectively evaluate the mastitis management at any dairy farm.


No more boring report writing. Your virtual assistant Keno™-M generates a complete and comprehensive report in a few seconds. All you need to do is deciding which items you want to include and which one you don't want to include.

Why Keno™-M?

  • Access anytime, anywhere

    ... from now on you will have access to all available mastitis data from any of the dairy farms you supervise - anytime, anywhere.

  • Save time and energy

    ... you no longer lose time and energy by taking the most optimal decision for cows with an elevated somatic cell count. 

  • Guide with confidence

    ... you can confidently evaluate the mastitis management on any dairy farm in an objective and evidence-based way. 

  • Create added value

    ... every dairy producer gets a comprehensive report after each analysis, without it costing you extra time or effort.


Transparent. No hidden costs.

€ per cow per month*

€ per cow per year*

< 50 cows

0,26 €

3,12 €

50 - 100 cows

0,20 €

2,40 €

100 - 150 cows

0,17 €

2,04 €

150 - 250 cows

0,13 €

1,56 €

250 - 500 cows

0,10 €

1,20 €

500 - 1000 cows

0,06 €

0,72 €

1000 - 2000 cows

0,04 €

0,48 €

2000 - 5000 cows

0,026 €

0,31 €

5000 - 10000 cows

0,019 €

0,23 €

> 10000 cows

0,015 €

0,18 €

*All prices are exclusive VAT and are invoiced annually unless otherwise agreed.

M&M Boost Concept

And there is more! The Keno™-M software was developed as part of the  Mastitis & Management concept. It is our belief that mastitis management can be truly made easy and fun as long as you have access to a combination of the proper tools, knowledge and expertise, and a strong network of like-minded passionate individuals. Well, the Mastitis & Management concept is such a concept in which as many aspects of mastitis management, including training and coaching (Mastitis & Management Boost training), evidence-based consultancy and data management (Keno™-M software tool) are combined into one holistic approach. 

The MEX™ Team

Managing Director

Sofie Piepers

“Energy and persistence conquer all things”

“Slow and steady wins the race"

Backoffice Manager

Nancy Mattheeuws

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts"


Sarne De Vliegher

“But do not doubt it, the way to succeed is to keep courage and patience, and to work on energetically.”

Project & Concept Manager

Dimitri Valckenier

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Keno™-M, your virtual assistant for easy and successful mastitis management on any dairy farm

Create added value on your udder health service 

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