Mastermind Mastitis

The training for every dairy veterinarian and consultant who wants to practice and enhance their skills about mastitis management in a comfortable and safe environment. 

Veterinarians and dairy consultants who want to practice and further enhance their skills on how to approach different scenario's of mastitis issues on a dairy farm in an efficient, scientific sound and structured way based on real-life situations.


Topics that can be embedded in the case studies are:

Practical approach of subclinical mastitis.

Practical approach of clinical mastitis.

Practical approach of (sub)clinical mastitis around calving.

Practical approach of (sub)clinical mastitis treatment failure issues on a dairy farm.

Treatment decision-making for high somatic cell count cows and cows with clinical mastitis.

Why to choose for the Mastermind Mastitis...

  • Hands-on and to the point

    The Mastermind Mastitis is specifically developed for veterinarians and consultants working in the field. For this reason, the case studies are based on real-life situations and only cover practically relevant topics on mastitis management. The Mastermind Mastitis is ideal to boost your self-confidence to improve udder health on a dairy farm.

  • Group training

    The Mastermind Mastitis can be organised both online and live. In both forms you are surrounded by pro-active colleagues who will inspire you with their knowledge & experiences about mastitis management and vice versa. 

  • Science into practice

    In a Masermind Mastitis, you and your colleagues unravel in small groups in a structured and efficient way the specific issue and formulate the most suitable solution(s). All scenario's are based on real-life situations in which the available scientific knowledge on the specific topic is integrated. 


  • Interactive

    No boring monologues. Instead, continuous interaction and exchange of knowledge & experiences among participants and trainers. Each answer is provided with feedback.

Mastermind Mastitis powered by you!

  • Are you active in a pharmaceutical company with a portfolio for mastitis in dairy cattle?

  • Do you want to go beyond selling high quality products?

  • Do you dream of bovine practitioners seeing you even more as a reliable service provider rather than as a seller?

  • Are you looking for a way to better support your customers in choosing the most appropriate mastitis treatment and in further professionalising their udder health services for their dairy farmers?

Then it is time to introduce a Mastermind Mastitis training to your customers interested in udder health in dairy cattle. Give your customers the opportunity to enhance their mastitis problem solving skills via real-life scenario's. 

Contact us via or book a private one-on-one consultation on a date and time that suite the best for you. 

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