To measure is to know

Mastitis management finally made visible 


The easiest tool to score the mastitis management

U-Scan is the all-in-one tool to visualize the mastitis management on every dairy farm

Visualize the mastitis management in 4 steps on every dairy herd

Step 1

Download the questionnaire

Step 2

Contact your dairy producer and plan a herd health audit

Call or e-mail your dairy producer and plan a herd health audit

Step 3

Complete the questionnaire

Complete the questionnaire and don't forget to fill in the scoring charts as well. Only the results count... 

Step 4

Enter the answers and observations in U-Scan

  • Online and offline questionnaire

    Fill in the questionnaire directly on the online platform, or download and print the questionnaire (including scoring charts) to take it with you on your herd visit.






  • Visualize 80% of the management with 20% of the effort

    You can visualize 100% of the mastitis management with 250 questions, or you can visualize 80% with only 50 questions.


    Not every flaw in the management results in mastitis problems. Let's start focusing on the results and visualize the mastitis management in an efficient way.

  • Feedback on all responses

    The U-Scan report not only gives an overview of the responses to each question, but also uses a color code to indicate whether the situation on the herd is optimal or not. And it also suggests a better approach to improve the udder health.

  • Scientifically-sound scoring system

    Hundreds of factors play a role in the mastitis management. But some more relevant than others.

    U-Scan uses a unique scoring system based on science and validated results.

  • Herd specific advises

    Many advices can be applied to almost every dairy herd... but that doesn't mean they will lead to the desired improvement of the udder health. 

    U-Scan analyses all the answers, calculates the risks, and only generates advices that truly apply to the specific situation on your customer's dairy herd.

  • Personal report

    Your name is featured on the cover page and your logo can be uploaded for extra visibility, ... The entire report is created as if you did it yourself. 


    Would you like to personalize the report even more (e.g. your company colours, ...), then contact us via

U-Scan report

The report provides a clear overview of the responses on the questions, shows the scores of the different parts of the management in a graphical way, and summarizes all suggestions and advices.

Get the questionnaire

It all starts with a unique selection of questions that cover 80% of the management.

Click the button below to get a copy of the questionnaire.

  • Structured, the questionnaire is divided in 8 different sections to score the milking technique, milking machine, management of the lactating cows, dry cows, and heifers, treatment, biosecurity, and monitoring.

  • All-in-one, the 3 scoring charts required to complete the questionnaire are included

  • Efficient, no need to write long answers or make the calculations yourself. Just tick the answer or fill in the number of observations, and U-Scan does all the hard work for you.

U-Scan questions

1.5 MB - 18 pages


Online and offline questionnaire

Personal report

Feedback on al responses

Scientifically-sound scoring system

Herd specific advices



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