Vets Culture In Practice Training​

The training for those vets that truly want to make the difference when it comes to the treatment of mastitis in dairy cows.

Are you a bovine practitioner? Are you fed up with lagging behind and do you really want to reduce both the number of treated mastitis cases and the antimicrobial usage with 50% on your client's dairy farm? Are you ready to truly make the difference when it comes to the treatment of mastitis? Then the Vets Culture in Practice training is ideal for you!

You are a bovine practitioner and ...

  • you sometimes worry about your future as a bovine veterinarian with the discussions on antibiotic use, the dwindling number of dairy farms, the low and volatile milk prices, …

  • you are interested in udder health and milk quality, but you are unsure of where and how, as a vet, you can really make a difference …

  • you believe in the importance and added value of the bacteriological analysis of milk samples, but you find it difficult to convince your dairy farmer clients…

  • you get the impression that you are often lagging behind, as the cow has frequently recovered from clinical mastitis before the result of the bacteriological culture is available …

  • you want to offer bacteriological culture of milk samples as a service to your clients, but you don't know where to start…

  • you have such a service in your practice, but you feel unsure about interpreting the results and making treatment decisions based on the results…

Why to choose for the Vets Culture in Practice training...

 Hands-on & to the point 

Boost of self-confidence to conduct bacteriological analyses of milk samples, interpret the results and give reliable treatment recommendations.



Visible reduction in mastitis treatment failures, number of treated mastitis cases and antimicrobial usage on your client's dairy farm.

Group training

Having like-minded pro-active vets alongside will give the energy & inspiration you need to be creative & enterprising and eventually be successfull in adding an extra dimension to your udder health services.


No boring monologues. Instead, continuous interaction and exchange of knowledge & experiences among participants and trainers. 

Flip chart

Low risk of getting bored or falling asleep because of infinitely long Powerpoint presentations.

Digital reference work

Permanent support in interpreting the results of bacteriological analysis based on the video and photo material.

Thanks to the Vets Culture in Practice training

  • you discover a simple, reliable way of conducting bacteriological cultures in your veterinary practice;

  • you will plate milk samples in accordance with professional practice;

  • you are confident in conducting bacteriological analyses, making the right diagnosis and interpreting the results;

  • you use your knowledge of the various causes of mastitis to further improve udder health at your clients’ dairy farms;

  • you easily convince your dairy farmer clients to take milk samples from cows with clinical mastitis for bacteriological analysis;

  • you are provided with user-friendly tools that will help you put theory into practice and allowing you to offer permanent support in providing a perfect udder health service for your clients;

  • you are inspired and motivated to add an extra dimension to your veterinary services and to  make the difference when it comes to the treatment of mastitis;

  • you succesfully reduce the number of treatment failures, the number of treated mastitis cases and the antimicrobial usage on your client's dairy farm.

Vets Culture in Practice powered by you!

  • Are you active in a pharmaceutical company with a portfolio for mastitis in dairy cattle?

  • Do you want to go beyond selling high quality products?

  • Do you dream of bovine practitioners seeing you even more as a reliable service provider rather than as a seller?

  • Are you looking for a way to better support your customers in choosing the most appropriate mastitis treatment and in further professionalising their udder health services for their dairy farmers?

Then it is time to introduce a Vets Culture in Practice training to your customers interested in udder health in dairy cattle.

Contact us via or book a private one-on-one consultation on a date and time that suite the best for you. 

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