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MEX ConneXion Event

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Veterinary practitioners and dairy advisors/consultants from Europe and beyond are brought together to connect and exchange knowledge.

For whom is this event

The MEX ConneXion Event is exclusively organised for vets and advisers that are interested in udder health and milk quality  who want to exchange knowledge & experiences with like-minded peers from all over the world. 

Expert Speakers


Keynote lectures and interactive case studies hosted by world-renowned experts from US, UK, The Netherlands, Australia, Italy and Belgium.

What exactly is the

"MEX ConneXion Event"?

The goal of the MEX ConneXion Event is to connect and bring together like-minded peers passionate about udder health and milk quality in order to exchange knowledge & experiences in making mastitis management easy, successful and sustainable in an inspiring & nicely orchestrated event. Learning through play! Similar as all other trainings organized by MEX™, and inspired by the successful meetings previously organized by M-team UGent, the lectures, interactive workshops and trainings given at the MEX ConneXion Event are practical & to-the-point tailored to dairy practitioners and consultants.


In 2020, for well-known reasons, we were forced to convert our live event into a virtual one. Still, based on the testimonials and evaluations of the participants attending the virtual 2020 edition, we can say that we still accomplished our mission! More than 90 vets and dairy advisers interested in udder health and milk quality from more than 10 different countries from Europe and beyond exchanged knowledge & experiences with like-minded peers from all over the world. 


So, this year as well and for the same reason as last year,

we're going VIRTUAL!

How well was the Virtual MEX ConneXion  Event 2020 organised?


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Did the Virtual MEX ConneXion Event 2020 meet your expectations?

Why joining the Virtual MEX ConneXion Event?

Well.... as far as we know, mastitis is still not eradicated. Or is it? In fact, there is still a lot of room for improvement on many dairy farms worldwide. Dairy producers are experiencing a lot of threats and are facing huge challenges. And those threats and challenges have not diminished with the Covid-19 crisis.... on the contrary.


Neither you nor we have an impact on the milk price...


Neither can we change the ever shrinking margins on a dairy farm ... 


There is also not much we can do about the increasing pressure from society when it comes to animal welfare and antimicrobial usage on dairy farms... besides complaining. 


The only thing YOU can do is coach your dairy producers to a better udder health so that as much high quality milk as possible can be produced by healthy cows with as few antibiotics as possible.


And that is why it's of utmost importance that you as well are present at this unique Virtual MEX ConneXion Event. 

  • ... to reiterate what you may perhaps have forgotten over the years about the key factors in mastitis management.
  • ... to get inspired by like-minded peers and experts on how they successfully monitor and approach udder health on a dairy farm. 
  • ... to stay up to date about the latest insights, tools and diagnostics that might help you to convert your knowledge into a highly valued service. 
  • ... to discover how you can motivate your dairy producers to really convert your valuable advice into action by just slightly tweaking your word choice and the sentences you use.

And all that in a pleasant and comfortable way. Learning through play and while having fun surrounded by like-minded peers.

How likely is it that you would participate in the next (Virtual) MEX ConneXion Event?

Let us be honest ... 

Nothing beats a live event ... the face-to-face engagement... the interaction... and the energy and inspiration you get from like-minded peers while networking in the coffee breaks or during lunch.


Still... a virtual event has some interesting benefits as well... 


  • Think of the hundreds of euros, dollars, pounds or whatever you can save that you would otherwise have to spend on travel, accomodation, and food costs. 
  • You don't have to get up extra early to catch your plane or train... or to get ahead of traffic jams. Or both if you are really unlucky ... ?
  • No time wasted waiting and queuing in the often dazed airport halls with sneezing and coughing people around you ?.... and you with a mouth mask on ?
  • No stress from delays, cancelled flights, strikes... or traffic jams ?
  • And you can sleep in your own comfortabel bed in a room with just the perfect temperature and lightning without a buzzing air conditioning ...  Dreaming about how you will successfuly take the udder health on your customers' dairy farms to a higher level the next day ... ? 


What type of meeting do you prefer after the Virtual MEX ConneXion  Event 2020?


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MEX ConneXion Event

Tuesday 22 June 2021 


Keynote lectures, Breakout room interactive workshops, and different Messages from our partners



Time zone = CEST (UTC +2)C +2

 08:45 AM  Access to virtual meeting room

 09:00 AM  Welcome & Introduction

 09:15 AM  Message from a partner session - Dr. Maude Lebrun (Belgium - MSD Animal Health)

 09:30 AM  Selective Dry Cow Therapy

● Science into practice from a US perspective - Dr. Sam Rowe, DVM -  University of Sydney - Australia

Science into practice from a Dutch perspective Dr. Christian Scherpenzeel, DVM -  Royal GD (Animal health service) - The Netherlands

Questions and answers

 10:30 AM  Message from a partner session - Geoffrey Ackaert, DVM (Belgium - Inovet)

 10:45 AM  Interactive workshop: (selective) dry cow therapy (MEX™, Gent, Belgium)

 12:15 PM  Message from a partner session - Jamie Deckers, DVM (Belgium - Hipra)

 12:30 PM  Lunch

 01:30 PM  Message from a partner - Dr. Lies Jordaens (Belgium - Vetoquinol & VetIMPRESS)

 01:45 PM  Selective Treatment of Mastitis

Science into practice from a US perspective Dr. Paolo Moroni, DVM -  Cornell University - U.S.

Science into practice from an Europe perspective Dr. Pete Down, DVM -  University of Nottingham - U.K.

Questions and answers

 02:45 PM  Message from a partner session - Dr. Luc Durel (France - Virbac)

 03:00 AM  Interactive workshop: (selective) treatment of mastitis (MEX™, Gent, Belgium)

 04:30 PM  Adjourn

All keynote sessions and Messages from the partners will be recorded and made available together with the interactive case study touched upon in the workshop to all registrants. So, if you cannot attend live, but you want to become inspired on these two hot topics and transfer your knowledge into action, then register for the morning, afternoon or full day program.


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Our world-renowned experts from 4 different countries

Dr. Sam Rowe - University of Sydney 

Selective dry cow therapy: Science into practice from a US perspective

Dr. Christian Scherpenzeel - Royal GD (Animal health service)
The Netherlands

Selective dry cow therapy: Science into practice from a Dutch perspective

Dr. Pete Down - University of Nottingham 
United Kingdom

Selective treatment of mastitis: Science into practice from an Europe perspective

Dr. Paolo Moroni - Cornell University
United States

Selective treatment of mastitis: Science into practice from a US perspective


Geoffrey Ackaert, DVM - Belgium

Potential impact of an external barrier on new intramammary infections after dry-off

Dr. Maude Lebrun - Belgium
MSD Animal Health

UnDDER Control DC App : a drying-off management tool for the vets.

Dr. Lies Jordaens - Belgium
Vetoquinol and VetIMPRESS

Registration of clinical mastitis cases

Dr. Luc Durel - France

The tools of the past and the future of intramammary infection therapy - An animal health industry perspective

Jamie Deckers, DVM - Belgium

Mastitis management in 2021: We need to adapt



MEX™ events and trainings are renowned for their practical and interactive approach, top-notch expertise and highly regarded participant experience.


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