The virtual lab-assistant for every vet practice that wants to get the maximum added value from conducting bacteriological culturing for his dairy producer and the vet practice

With MEX@LAB, your dairy producer will be happy to pay 4x more for the same result without it costing you more time or money.

Data storage

All available results from all your dairy producers stored in 1 single location. MEX@LAB stores all bacteriological culture results securely "in the cloud" in a well-organized manner.


Track and trace

Every milk sample is registered in a simple, unique and clear way.


The most important (groups of) mastitis agents are reliably identified based on a unique algorithm with more than 180 different combinations of tests and plates. MEX@LAB leads you and your colleagues to the correct diagnosis over and over again based on the plates and tests available in your practice.


Your virtual assistant MEX@LAB generates a fully personalized report with a single mouse click. All you have to do is deliver the report to your dairy producer.



The MEX@LAB dashboard shows you at a glance which dairy producer takes a lot of milk samples or suddenly much more milk samples than previously and which producer almost never takes milk samples or remarkably less milk samples than previously.


Continuous support in carrying out the various tests and in interpreting the results based on high-quality photo and video material.

Thanks to MEX@LAB ...

  • Anytime and everywhere access

    ... you have access to the bacteriological culture results of your dairy producers anytime and everywhere.

  • Stop losing time and energy

    ... you no longer lose any time and energy by searching for that one result from that one specific dairy producer.

  • Right result from the right cow

    ... from now on, and without any doubt, the right result from the right cow ends up with the right dairy producer.

  • Halt to doubts

    ... you will be guided step by step to the correct diagnosis. No more doubts about the next test or step that needs to be taken.

  • Delegate easily and with confidence

    ... you can easily delegate the bacteriological culturing to your colleague (s) or assistant.

  • Create added value

    ... every customer dairy producer receives every time a good looking, clear and professional report, allowing you to easily and proactively peel to the needs of your customer dairy producer.

The MEX™ Team

Managing Director

Sofie Piepers

“Energy and persistence conquer all things”

“Slow and steady wins the race"


Sarne De Vliegher

“But do not doubt it, the way to succeed is to keep courage and patience, and to work on energetically.”

Project & Concept Manager

Dimitri Valckenier

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

MEX@LAB, your virtual assistant for conducting bacteriological culturing in your practice - any time and everywhere.

Create added value to your udder health service 

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